Why did we create PDI?

Why did we create PDI?

You have probably arrived here because you’ve heard of all the clever things people in the process industries have been doing with our chemical engineering subsidiary PPCL using their Geometric Process Control technology based on the worlds most developed implementation of the Parallel Coordinates Transformation between 2-d and N-d space. You may be wondering whether GPC and PDI could have something to offer to the non-process problems you are interested in. You might have been intrigued by the ease with which PPCL’s Consultants and Engineer End-Users work in seriously high-dimensionality spaces of hundreds or sometimes thousands of dimensions when everyone else refers to “the curse of high dimensionality” and yet they emphasize “no maths needed, just good domain knowledge”.

Who is PDI for?

You may be wondering, do GPC methods have applicability to problems outside of the process industries? We think that they do, PDI is applicable to anyone working with “spreadsheets full of mostly numeric data” and wanting to carry out the following;

  • Test Hypotheses
  • Discover more about multi-variable cause-and-effect relationships between variables
  • Find recurring patterns of performance or operation through entirely visual cluster analysis
  • Simplify analysis of response surfaces
  • Identify the independent variables contributing most towards variability and give direction to their improvement programs

We can imagine there valuable applications in data-rich areas such as finance, insurance, fraud detection, medicine, life sciences, genetics, market research, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, meteorology, metrology, astronomy and are certain that this is only a partial list.

We decided to do something about it by offering a new derivative of PPCL’s C-Visual Explorer(CVE) product that all domain experts could use to push back the boundaries of knowledge in their domain. We have simplified CVE by removing all the process industry special functionality and developed a different business and support model to bring prices way down hence will be selling the new Parallel Data Investigator (PDI) product under the Curvaceous Software Ltd. brand. Anyone from the process industries should head back to PPCL and the full application and domain support of the process-industry-specialized  CVE and CPM products.

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